Thursday, November 3, 2016

1 stop shop for all your Inspection Needs... Septic Too (and I don't mean a dye test)

Pro Chek Home Inspection Services & Onsite Environmental Experts is truly a Homebuyer's, Sellers, & Real Estate Professionals ONE STOP SHOP during any/all Real Estate Transactions.  We performed the Home Inspection, WDI, Termite Inspection, Radon Testing, Water and Septic Inspection at the home in this photo this week and after digging up the tank and 4+ Dboxes, it's like we were never there.!! We respect and appreciate all Parties involved in the Real Estate transaction and the
#Home itself, so we go the extra mile to throw grass seed down or place sod over dirt areas when the grass is green and healthy. 
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Your Roof Needs to Breathe

Did you know your roof needs to breathe just like you do? Proper roof and attic ventilation is critical to prolonging the life of your roof — adequate ventilation regulates temperature and moisture levels. In an improperly vented roof, heat and moisture can build up causing damage to rafters, sheathing, shingles, insulation, raising energy costs, any may also lead to some ugly mold and mildew problems. Proper ventilation can help prevent many of the most common roofing problems and prevent even greater expenses later on.
Vents should be installed at the base of the roof and near the top. This allows warm air and moisture to leave through the top while cool air is drawn in through the bottom. If adequate ventilation is not installed, serious problems such as attic condensation, wood rot, mold, mildew and rusting metal can occur. These problems can affect the integrity of the roof as well as the integrity of the house, and can even cause health problems for family members in the home, particularly if mold and mildew are present.
There are several types of vents to be aware of:
Roof Vents — though available in a standard or powered version, this vent is best installed toward the top of the roof.
Soffit Vents — are able to be used as either inlet or outlet of air and are best combined with a ridge or roof vent.
Gable End Vents — these vents are placed at the top of the gable area on both ends of the house.
Ridge Vents — these vents are placed along the entire ridge of the roof to allow hot air to escape as it rises to the top of the attic space.