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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Causes A WAVY ROOF?

Have a wavy roof and trying to figure out why or looking for a fix?  A roof with a wavy look to it can be caused by a number of reasons, but the problem may be short lived.  Let’s take a look at some of the typical causes of a wavy shingles, especially after a new roof is installed.

Causes of a wavy roof:

The felt paper used on the decking was potentially wet or bubbly when laid down.  Thankfully this is something that can be fixed with just a little time and heat.  Typically after a few warm summer weeks, the shingles will lay flat and you will no longer notice the wavy look.First layer of shingles were wavy and the roofer laid directly over the existing layer.  This is a bad move, a roofing company should not lay new roofing shingles over shingles that are wavy.  A new roof will be required, after stripping both layers of shingles, to achieve a quality flat look.Damaged decking could also cause a wavy look to shingles.  Inspect the plywood from the attic and look for cracks, sagging, or rotting.  If any of this is found, be sure to have a roofer replace any plywood, with the required thickness of board that is code for where you live.Quality of the roofing work in general can also cause a roof to look wavy.  Potentially it could be caused if the shingles were not properly aligned or not nailed fully.  Ultimately there is no single answer for why a roof may look wavy, but could be a combination of factors.

To avoid having a wavy roof, use a licensed roofer and not just a general contractor.  Expert roof installation is required to keep things like this from happening.