Tuesday, December 30, 2014

January is National Radon Awareness Month!!!

Just a Reminder.....

January is National Radon Awareness Month!!!

The Surgeon General has warned that Radon is the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer in the US.

The EPA recommends testing for Radon in Air and Water EVERY 2 years, as levels fluctuate from day to day, month to month and with changes in weather patterns.

If you haven't tested your home for radon within the past 2 years, it is recommended by the EPA that you contact a Radon Testing Professional to do so ASAP, as Radon IS present in every home (Yes, every home! Even homes that do not have basements) and levels will increase over time if not addressed.

Contact Pro Chek to schedule the next Radon in Air and/or Water Test at your Home and mention this post to receive a special stand alone radon test rate.

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